Euronext informs customers that updated technical specifications for the Oslo migration have now been published taking into account Fixed Income. An updated version of Migration Guidelines is also available with conformance test information. 

Oslo Migration Updated Technical Specifications

Updated technical specifications have now been published. The updated specifications includes Oslo Fixed income related changes. The changes made can be found in the Change Summary section of the documents.

The specifications are based on SBE template version 302*. This documentation will assist customers in their preparation for the Oslo migration for Fixed Income. The documentation is available in the IT Documentation section of the Euronext Connect customer portal.

List of updated specifications:

■     Euronext Markets - Optiq File Specifications v4.2.0

■     Euronext Cash Markets – Optiq Kinematics Specifications - v4.2.0

■     Euronext Markets - Optiq MDG Client Specifications v4.2.0

■     Euronext Markets - Optiq OEG Client Specifications - FIX 5.0 Interface v4.2.0

■     Euronext Markets - Optiq OEG Client Specifications - SBE Interface v4.2.0



■     *SBE version 302 is the expected version, but may be subject to change. Customers intending to trade on Fixed Income for Oslo are required to use SBE version 302 or higher.

■     Optiq OEG and MDG SBE templates (v302*) will be released in due time.

Updated Migration Guidelines

A new version (v2) of the Migration Guidelines have been published. It now includes Fixed Income information and also an update on conformance testing. Functional conformance, High Availability, MDG validation and Throttling testing are available for Oslo Cash and Derivatives. Conformance testing for  Saturn OBOE Cash and Front-to-back is expected for July.


Customers who have additional Oslo related questions are invited to contact the Client Services team and use the dedicated client support mailbox for the Oslo migration oslomigration@euronext.com.


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