Derivatives: New ISIN codes

As a consequence of the migration of Oslo Børs Derivatives instruments to the Optiq Derivatives system, Euronext will assign new ISIN codes to each individual and tradable derivatives instrument when migrating onto Optiq. The ISIN codes of the current legacy derivatives trading platform will not be kept after the migration.

In order to facilitate the ISIN correspondence between the current legacy derivatives trading platform and Optiq, Euronext will provide a mapping table in order to help identify the key used to establish such correspondence and enable data vendors, trading participants, and trading ISVs to apply it in their system if it is deemed required.

For end to end consistency across the trading to clearing chain, such a file will also be made available to LCH SA, clearing ISVs and clearing members.


Optiq EUA vs Oslo Børs Production

Optiq Production vs Oslo Børs Production




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