Trading shares and equity certificates

Shares can be traded on the Oslo Børs marketplace, Oslo Axess or Burgundy. Listed companies are subject to the full requirements of a stock exchange listing regardless of listing on Oslo Børs or Oslo Axess, and extensive market surveillance ensures fair and orderly trading.

Oslo Børs is regulated as an exchange. At Oslo Børs you can trade all established companies listed at Oslo Børs, included all shares in the OBX index.

Oslo Axess is a fully regulated marketplace for equities who are often in a pre-commercial phase of their life cycle.

Burgundy is regulated as an MTF. Burgundy offers trading in all instruments listed in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Equity certificates
Equity certificates are a particular type of equity instrument issued by Norwegian savings banks, and were previously known as primary capital certificates. Equity certificates have marked similarities to shares. The differences between equity certificates and shares relate principally to the holders’ rights to the issuer's assets and the way in which equity certificate holders can exercise influence on a savings bank's corporate bodies. Equity certificates are only traded on the Oslo Børs marketplace.