Trading derivatives

Derivatives are financial instruments where the price is derived from an underlying instrument. Derivatives make it possible to earn money not only when markets rise but also when they fall or when prices are stable. Oslo Børs offers trading in both standardised derivatives and non-standardised TM derivatives, also known as OTC derivatives.

Standardized derivatives

Standardized derivatives on the Oslo Børs are listed on fixed underlying indices and stocks and have fixed terms in regards to exercise price, expiration and duration, as well as a standard method for managing corporate events and settlements. All standardized derivatives are cleared.

Efficient distribution

Oslo Børs partnership with the London Stock Exchange (LSE) ensures efficient international distribution of Norwegian derivatives. Linked order book for Norwegian derivatives enhances liquidity for both Oslo Børs and LSE members.

Common trading system

Oslo Børs and London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market both use the SOLA trading system. This provides an option to offer standardized derivatives from both markets through linked order books. 

TM derivatives at Oslo Connect

Trading in TM derivatives, or Tailor Made derivatives, are conducted through our market place Oslo Connect. Here, the parties themselves agree on the underlying instruments (some restrictions may occur). The parties also agree on expiry date, exercise price, handling of corporate events etc.

The marketplace

Trading at Oslo Connect is conducted through the internet based trading and price discovery system EDGE, or through Oslo Børs brokerage desk. All FSA (or equal national authorities) approved investment firms may be approved for an Oslo Connect membership. Read more about the Connect rules.

Flexibility, reliability and efficiency

Oslo Connect combines the flexibility of the OTC market with the reliability of the standardised exchange market to ensure efficiency in trade processing for TM derivatives.

Flexibility in Derivative Contracts 

Reliability in Trading

Efficiency in Trade Processing

  • Underlying
  • Contract Type
  • Strike
  • Expiration date
  • Dividend adjustment
  • Anonymity
  • Brokerage Services (MPS)
  • Indication of interests
  • Trade Reporting
  • Increased number of potential counterparties with competing prices
  • Trading rules ensuring equal treatment and predictability
  • «Straight through processing» - from trading through to clearing
  • Transparent market with trade history and statistics

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