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Oslo Børs' co-operation with the London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) ensures efficient international distribution of Norwegian derivatives. Oslo Børs and LSEDM uses the trading system SOLA® for derivatives, and offer their members trading in linked order book. SOLA® is developed by The Montreal Exchange, and has been used for derivatives trading at Oslo Børs since December 2009.


News and notes

Information and news regarding technical changes, updates or testing to Oslo Børs’ version of SOLA® will be published below. If you wish to receive this information by e-mail, please register your e-mail address in the subscription box to the right.

Reminder: SOLA Tick Size Changes

Oslo Børs Derivatives confirms that the implementation date for the previously announced tick size changes will be Monday 25 November 2013.

Member testing of Oslo Clearing’s Magica II project will start on Monday 04 November

As announced by Oslo Clearing the member test phase of Magica II will commence from Monday 04 November. To make the test environment (CDS) for SOLA ready, the environment will be shut down earlier than usual today 31 October, and have a maintenance period on Friday 01 November.

SOLA Tick Size Changes

Oslo Børs Derivatives will change the tick sizes for Norwegian Index Options, Norwegian Stock Options and Norwegian Stock Futures / Forwards. The change will be implemented in the CDS test environment tonight, 24 October, with effect from tomorrow morning, 25 October. The planned implementation date in the production environment is 25 November.

Successful deployment of bug fix release

Oslo Børs is happy to announce that the SOLA production environment was successfully upgraded with the bug fix release on Saturday 28 September.

Oslo Børs Derivatives – Go-live for bug fix release this weekend

As previously announced Oslo Børs Derivatives will deploy a bug fix release on the SOLA production environment this Saturday, ready for Monday 30 September.



Oslo Børs Derivatives – Go-live date for bug fix release scheduled for 30 September

As previously announced Oslo Børs Derivatives is currently testing a new bug fix release for SOLA. The bug fix release will be deployed on the production environment on Saturday 28 September, ready for Monday 30 September.

Oslo Børs Derivatives - Optional Dress Rehearsal on Saturday 14 September

As previously announced Oslo Børs Derivatives will conduct a Dress Rehearsal in the production environment, where our customers may participate.

Updated version of the HSVF documentation for SOLA is now available

An updated version of the OSLSOLA 301 SOLA 5 HSVF document is now available. 

SOLA Upgrade Planned for October 2013

Oslo Børs Derivatives has planned for a minor upgrade of the SOLA trading platform in October 2013, together with Turquoise Derivatives.

Information Regarding Internal Testing of SOLA (Prod) 15 June 2013

On Saturday 15 June, Oslo Børs’ derivatives trading system SOLA will be started for internal testing purposes. 

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