Equity instruments and derivatives traded on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess, Oslo Connect and Burgundy are cleared through a Central Counterparty (CCP) - a clearing house. Consequently, members must set up clearing arrangement in order to trade these products on the Oslo Børs marketplaces.


Clearing entails an organisation to act as an intermediary, assuming the role of a buyer (to the seller) and seller (to the buyer) for transactions, in order to reconcile orders and also guarantee for settlement and delivery of securities between the transacting parties.

Central Counterparties (CCPs)

Central Counterparties wishing to clear transactions in equity instruments and derivatives on any of Oslo Børs’ marketplaces must hold the necessary authorizations and approvals from relevant authorities, to conduct clearing (for each specific instrument group) in Norway, and must also enter into clearing agreement(s) with Oslo Børs.



Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess (shares, equity certificates, ETFs)

Oslo Børs, Oslo Connect (derivatives)

Burgundy (shares, ETFs)

Oslo Clearing







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Direct or indirect clearing

 Oslo Børs’ members must ensure clearing arrangement with a CCP through:

  • Direct clearing membership – either as Direct Clearing Member (DCM) or as General Clearing Member (GCM), or
  • Indirect clearing arrangement as Non Clearing Member (NCM) through separate agreement with a GCM

Contact Oslo Børs or the respective clearing house(s) for further information on clearing arrangements and clearing membership.

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