The Issuer Rules

The Issuer Rules for Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess are adopted by Oslo Børs pursuant to Section 24, first subsection of the Stock Exchange Act and Section 1, third subsection of the Stock Exchange Regulations.

The Issuer Rules sets out the obligations for issuers of shares, equity certificates and bonds that either are listed on Oslo Børs/Oslo Axess or for which such listing has been applied.

Corresponding rules apply for issuers of bonds that are listed on Nordic ABM.

The Rules include relevant statutory rules and regulations, as well as further elaborations on these and specific provisions adopted by Oslo Børs, enabling the user to adhere to one set of rules as regards the obligations towards Oslo Børs/Oslo Axess.


The Stock Exchange Rules encompass the following:


The Axess Rules encompass the following:

The Oslo Axess Continuing Obligations are incorporated into the Continuing Obligations of stock exchange listed companies.


The Bond Rules encompass "Rules for the admission of bonds to listing on Oslo Børs" and "Continuing obligations":


The ABM Rules encompass the following:


Other rules:

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