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Terms for listing warrants

  • The issuer of the warrants must be a financial institution, or an investment firm, with primary capital of at least EUR 5 million
  • Documentary evidence of the issuer's compliance with the regulations must be provided to Oslo Børs together with the application for stock exchange listing
  • The issuer must be rated at least "investment grade" by a recognized credit rating agency
  • The warrants must be registered with a central securities depository
  • There must either be a market maker quoting binding bid and offer prices, or the instruments must be held by at least 300 holders of one round lot or more at the time of listing
  • Issuers must standardise the terms and conditions of different issues of warrants and ETNs in terms of multiplier, settlement and market maker commitments to the greatest extent possible
  • An introduction prospectus must be produced for each new admission to listing.


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